Monday, July 5, 2010

Top 10 Fastest Times EVER in Molokai Race History


The new Molokai to Oahu website has some interesting stats on the history page. I recently learned that I have the 10th overall fastest time for a stock board crossing in the race. Pretty stoked to be in the top 10 overall I have to say! This is after 13 years and many, many excellent watermen have raced. What an honor!

Right now the stats are just for men paddleboarding unlimited and stock. I hope they add categories for top women finishers, top teams, top SUP times (men and women). It would also be neat to have oldest and youngest finishers, etc. I'll have to get on that :). In the meantime, here are the top 10 stock times, and a link to the rest of the race history.

Paddleboard Stock
1. Mikey Cote 2009                  5:32:25   Hawaii
2. Tim Foran 2004 5:39:01   Australia
3. Keoni Watsonn 2007 5:39:48   Hawaii
4. Guy Pere 1997 5:42:04   Hawaii
5. Mikey Cote 2008 5:48:15   Hawaii
6. Matt Sack 2004 5:50:19   Hawaii
7. George Ramosos 2004 5:50:57   Hawaii
8. Sean Monahanan 1998 5:51:28   Hawaii
9. Kiva Rivers 2007 5:52:15   Hawaii
10.KanesaDuncancan 2004     5:53:49   Hawaii

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