Monday, July 12, 2010

Joe Bark says "sell sell sell"

... since I got my new Pink Panther board,
I have to trade in my previous models to make room in the rack.

For sale:

1. Blue Beauty $2k OBO - this board is 15'6". It was my first magic Bark board. It won the Mokapu race in 2008, set the (still standing) Cline Mann race record in 2008. In 2009, it moved to Kauai where it has helped me train and learn to prone/knee paddle unlimited boards. The board has a rounded nose and a pulled in tail to create a wonderful combination of stock/unlimited feel. The board has a real nice double concave bottom, perfect rocker and is smaller volume - made for a a person about 110-160lbs I would say (give or take). I highly recommend it if you are wanting to make the stock to open transition. I need to make space for the Pink Panther to come home and will gladly ship the board via Young Bros ($50 interisland) / A'ala shipping ($150 to mainland).

2. Green machine $600 OBO - this board is one of Joe's first double concave boards. I raced it in the Makapuu-Hawaii Kai warm up race in 2008 and Marc Rocheleau raced it in the Mokapu race in 2008. The board is 16'6" and has a lot of rocker. The pad on the board is scratchy from use, but overall the board is solid. It has some volume and would like a larger rider (160+). A great board if you want to enter unlimited paddling for a small price tag.... This is a deal as the foam blank alone costs at least $500. Selling cheap because the board has been rack surfing for the past few years and needs a home. Located on Oahu. I can't seem to find a photo of it, but if you're interested let me know, and we'll get you photos or let you see it in person.

email me at to chat about the boards, buy or view them.

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