Monday, July 19, 2010

Siren Songs Volume 1: Kiyomi Sheppard, North Shore - Oahu

To highlight the unique individuals participating in this years' races, I have asked my friends to take the blog reigns for a post and give you a taste of what it's like to be them. I hope their stories inspire you as they have inspired me!

Siren Songs Volume 1: 
Kiyomi Sheppard, North Shore - Oahu

Kiyomi is Japanese born and raised. She came to the North Shore of Oahu, like so many others, on a journey looking for waves and surf. She found that she loved Hawaii and made it her home. Like many North Shore waterwomen, Kiyomi took to paddleboarding to complement her surfing. She completed the Molokai Channel for the first time in 2007 and took the past two years off to have a baby. Now, she is back for 2010!

In her own words, "When l first started paddleboarding, I couldn't understand  the enjoyment of paddling. Now I see that all the paddling is paying off!

I feel good!  My surfing has improved!

After having a child (my son Nalu is 2 years old), I lost my baby weight by paddling. Now that I've trained for next week's Molokai race, I feed physically and mentally strong!

I want to use this opportunity posting on the blog to wish good luck to all paddlers in Molokai and to thank my son and my husband for the support that they both give me.

I'm so happy to try the Molokai race again!


Look for Kiyomi to have a great finish and a winning smile on July 25th. She will be escorted by son Nalu and husband Buddy!

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  1. Very inspiring, indeed, and I just love the "custom" board in that last photo.