Friday, July 23, 2010

Siren Songs Volume 2: Turtle Rudolph, Del Mar, CA

I first met Turtle in Fiji in 2006 at the Paddle for Peace race. We had a couple of epic adventures paddling in rivers and in pumic-laden waters! I was so impressed by Turtle's positive attitude and love of the ocean, people and life in general. I'm so stoked that she is here this year to paddle Molokai, and I'm stoked that she agreed to write a piece for the blog.

Del Mar Junior Lifeguards Wish Turtle an Epic Race!

From Turtle -

Paddleboarding is a great sport - I feel very fortunate every time I head out for a paddle! Also, because of paddleboarding, I have met a lot of great friends, traveled to Australia, Fiji and all over California to compete, and seen all kinds of marine life. I can always find some peace of mind out in the ocean.

I have been wanting to cross the Molokai channel for about 10 years now.

Out in the California bumps, dreaming of Molokai and wishing for warm water? :)

It finally all worked out this year, and I have enjoyed the whole process leading up to the race or my “adventure” as I have been calling it!   Well, almost the entire process, there have been some COLD miserable paddles along the way this year in California!

I have had a lot of  fun with my paddling/training partner Shannon Delaney and a lot of support from my friends and the guys and gals at work (Del Mar Lifeguard/Junior Lifeguard Departments).   2 of my lifeguard buddies, Tomas and Kurt, will be cheering me on across the channel in my escort boat!

I am nervous and scared and excited all at the same time!  
(that makes about 150 of us Turtle! We'll see you on the water Sunday!)

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