Monday, July 2, 2012

Legendary - the Cline Mann Memorial Paddleboard Race

2011 Coming in to the finish - photo by Dana Edmunds
The Cline Mann Memorial Paddleboard race is one of the longest running, most prestigious paddleboard races in Hawaii.

2011 Running for it - photo by Dana Edmunds

It began as a race from 16 mile Makapuu to Kaimana Beach (the only lighthouse to lighthouse paddleboard race in Hawaii), and now has an additional 8 mile race from Hawaii Kai to Kaimana Beach that includes a SUP division and keiki team division.

2011 SUP start Hawaii Kai - photo by Dana Edmunds
Noland Keaulana, 2011 rounding the buoy - photo by Dana Edmunds
Mariko Strickland, 1st place, SUP, 2011 unlimited female - photo by Dana Edmunds

The Cline Mann has long been considered the "warm up to Molokai" with paddlers battling the big water around the back side of Makapuu lighthouse in preparation for the 32 mile channel. It's one of the hardest 16 mile courses around - beginning with sideshore waters around Makai Peir, then raging water around the backside of Makapuu, transitioning into long-period bumps by Sandy Beach, stacking water by Hanama Bay and "the wall", flat water beginning in Manalua Bay, nice bumps in Hawaii Kai, and then who-knows as you get by Diamond Head and Lighthouse... it's always an exciting race to the finish by the windsock as both the long and short courses come together.

2011 Ditching the board - photo by Dana Edmunds
Other than the Molokai Channel, this is my longest running race (I've done every one since 2001 except for 2002 when I had to be in Kansas!).

Jamie and me - 2011 Cline Mann perpetual trophy
The Cline Mann race is sponsored by Outrigger Canoe Club and boasts an epic post-race party as well as many wonderful prizes. This year, like last year, we'll be raffling off prizes that include Maui Jim Sunglasses, Duke's $50 gift certificates, Wahoo's $40 gift certificates, Pualani swim wear, Vertra sunscreen, and Blue Planet hats (each entrant gets one shot to win). 

The 2012 Race is set for Saturday July 7, 2012. Long course starts at 10am and short course at 1130am. Registration is $35 (beach entry only) at Hawaii Kai (8-1030am). Download an entry at

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