Monday, May 7, 2012

Kauai World Challenge 2012

The Kauai World Challenge (April 21, 2012) race is primarily a ~40 mile relay for kayaks and one-man/two-man canoes, but they also have a short (10 mile) race for SUPs. This year, my training needed a jump start so I went along to chase down some SUPs :). Thanks for letting me join in!

Maui Jim Teammate Mariko Strikland Prior to Kicking Butt
Race Results - a small, but fun race crew:
1:36:31 1st Division 14 Foot Stock Eugene Ancheta SUP Kane
1:39:27 2nd Division 14 Foot Stock Krieshan Yagatame SUP Kane
1:42:40 1st Division 14 Foot Stock Mariko Stickland SUP Wahine
1:43:02 3rd Division 14 Foot Stock Kawika Carvalho SUP Kane 
1:47:25 1st Division Prone Kanesa Duncan Seraphin Wahine
1:57:46 4th Division 14 Foot Stock Warwick Gray SUP Kane
2:09:29 5th Division 14 Foot Stock Tommy Hale SUP Kane

Animal Gene Takes The Win!

Boy those SUPs are getting fast... and Gene is done getting lessons from me (now he takes ME to school!).

Laola Eat Your Gu Cubes So We Can Catch Those Buggas!
Along the way, I also found two of my favorite people: Laola and Kumu Kamu Aea racing their way in the 2-man canoe (Laola has to be the prettiest, fittest, and most competitive mermaid I know!).

Laola Prepping For the 4th Leg

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