Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gettin' Ready for Molokai 2011 (with 20:20 hindsight)

It's the 15th anniversary of the Molokai-2-Oahu paddleboard race, and I'm so behind on my blog that the race has already happened (!), and I haven't yet posted about the Cline Mann. I'll get back to that race, but in the meantime, I'm going to do my best to share some insight into this years' M2O event.

The 15th Anniversary
The 2nd year of M2O organizing the race
SUP sport growing & a combined start (prone & SUP solo first; teams start later)
Jamie Mitchell going for 10
My 11th crossing
Solid woman's field

That sets the stage.... here comes the press

I got to do an interview with Malika Dudley on Sunrise for Hawaii News Now. It was a great opportunity to rep my sponsors and show off one of Joe Bark's paddleboards (and my new Pualani Bikini).

Race board props - these would be signed by all competitors after the race and give to sponsors! Thanks to especially to Kona Brew, Maui Jim and Garmin!

Triathlete legend-turned paddleboarder Greg Welch took the reigns of the microphone to introduce the race's top competitors

Race director, father of the Molokai paddleboard race, and North Shore legend Mike Takahashi talks about what the 15th anniversary means to him. Jenny and I listen on.

Oahu's stock guy Eric Abbott and Aussies Jordan Mercer and Jackson English in the lineup

The SUP race is stacked - from left to right, Jenny Kalmbach, Scott Gamble, Aaron Napolean rep the SUP side... and Jeff Denholm hanging in for the prone folks!

Maui Jim Rep Alicia Wrobleski from Illionois (who will next week run a 400 + mile relay for charity) says thank you for the Cline Mann hat I gave her in recognition of Maui Jim's support of the Cline Mann race this year.

Mike and Gerry. Talking paddleboards.

Gerry. One of the best things about the race this year was 2 yoga sessions with Gerry on Molokai. It's the things that aren't in the race program (or agenda) that make our sport so great. Thank you Gerry! (p.s. I did a head stand on my first try!)

Scotty Gamble on balancing all his water sports and still training for the channel.

E. Abbott looking a little nervous for his first press conference... but representing BARK and VERTRA well - he went on to not only win stock but set a record! Yeah Wailupe Boyz!

My friend Mark Matheson prior to the race. No matter how nervous or hard you thought the channel was going to be, this guy had it worse... and he made it! So proud of you, of how far you've come from that first Cline Mann race!

Jackson - a perennial favorite and awesome waterman. School teacher and father of three, Jackson is from Sidney and lives in Singapore now. Always nice to see this guy!

Brian Rocheleau. My training buddy since I began this sport; I miss paddling with him since I move to Kauai! He is now the proud father of Eli Rocheleau (congrats Makena too!) born 3 weeks before this years race. Brian is a master in the water - on a paddleboard, a surfboard, a kayak, you name it. Always a pleasure to see this guy compete.

Jordan Mercer - before she kicked the channel's ass. A superior athlete and a wonderful person. I am both humbled and inspired by her; as she's only 17, I can't wait to see how fast she goes in her career! The sport of paddleboarding has a bright future with young ladies like this. Thank you Jordan!

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