Sunday, May 29, 2011

15'6" Joe Bark Paddleboard For Sale - Fast and needs a Good Home

Mokapu Penninsula Race - Oahu
... I need to move this board!
Get yours in time for the racing season - hurry this price is a STEAL!

Blue Beauty $800 OBO
- this board is 15'6". It was my first magic Bark board. It won the Mokapu race, raced the Maui Maliko Gulch-Kahului race, and set the (still standing) Cline Mann race record in 2008. In 2009, it moved to Kauai where it has helped me train and learn to prone/knee paddle unlimited boards.

The board has a rounded nose and a pulled in tail to create a wonderful combination of stock/unlimited feel. The board has a real nice double concave bottom, perfect rocker and is smaller volume - made for a a person up to 160lbs  (give or take).

I highly recommend it if you are wanting to make the stock to open transition. The board is on Kauai. I need to make space and will gladly ship the board via Young Bros ($50 interisland) / A'ala shipping ($150 to mainland).

Also great board for paddling this year's Na Pali paddleboard race - check out and get your board today.

Mokapu Penninsula Race - Oahu
Na Pali Race practice - Kauai

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  1. Hey!

    How bout 800? with venice,ca shipping included asap/like tomm.

    5"8 about 155-165lbs...looking for a small unlimited to get some distance in and continue my beginner paddler training.Racing throughout california coast so it will have an awesome home and new experiences.