Sunday, February 27, 2011

Window Seat

The benefits to air travel...

I used to think I needed a bumper sticker that said "My other car is a paddleboard", but I now realize that my other car is a plane - this year I have become a green-conscious enigma; carpooling to reduce pollution on the one side, but still taking a plane for work, paddling and surfing. I guess the  consolation to my fossil fuel flying is that I always share my plane ride with at least  200 of my closest friends - "planepooling at its finest"!

A Window With a View
The nicest thing about plane travel has to be the view.... and Oh What a Difference a Day Makes! Check out these photos of Oahu's NW corner, Kaena Point with and without swell...

On this day the ocean was calm like glass flying into Honolulu...

And the next day we have waves breaking up to 20'... look closely and you can see the  swell hitting the North and West side of Oahu

Water is great as both waves and clouds... 
This sunset movie is epic (please excuse the window glare) 
shot (as were the above) with my iphone 4G 
(thanks mom!)

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